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It’s All Dead Comment Policy

Thanks for checking out our site! We’re all about building a positive community here and having positive, thoughtful discourse about the music we love. However, we have a few guidelines to keep things on the right track:

  1. Be respectful of everyone. We want our online community to be a place of respect, so treat others as you’d want to be treated. Comments that are rude, bullying, or disrespectful will be deleted.
  2. Stay on topic. When commenting on a thread, keep conversation to the matter at hand.
  3. No self-promotion is allowed. Please do not advertise, solicit, or promote your band, brand, product, etc. Any promotional comments or posts will be deleted.
  4. No link or file sharing. We do not allow for file sharing to take place on the site – feel free to comment on the article at hand, but do not share files in the comments section.
  5. Personal attacks, racism, misogynistic comments, homophobic comments, or any sort of intolerant behavior will not be tolerated and posts will be deleted immediately.

We reserve the right to delete comments and ban users at any time. Let’s keep things positive and create a community that fosters respect. Thanks for taking the journey with us!

– It’s All Dead

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