Podcast: The Return of Architects with Drew Beringer

A new album from Architects has arrived and it is very, very good. For Those That Wish to Exist serves as the beginning of a new chapter for the band and a wake up call for those that wish to deny the effects of climate change. All told, there’s a lot to unpack, so we reached out to Drew Beringer to join the podcast and break down his thoughts on the new album, the legacy of Architects, and their impact on the heavy music scene.

Drew shares a bit of his background in joining the AbsolutePunk.net staff and Chorus.fm community before diving into his track-by-track breakdown of For Those That Wish to Exist, including his interview with Architects drummer Dan Searle. Drew also gives his ranking of Architects’ Epitaph Records albums and shares his favorite songs from the new album. Take a listen!

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Posted by Kiel Hauck

Podcast: Building an Online Music Community with Jason Tate of Chorus.fm

On our latest podcast, Jason Tate joins Kiel Hauck to share what he’s learned in the year since moving AbsolutePunk.net to Chorus.fm and why the move made so much sense. Jason shares insight on how he built a built a successful online music community, how online dialogue can continue to improve, and the changes he’s seen over the past two decades. Jason also discusses some of the best music of 2017 and his approach to creating end of the year lists. Listen in!

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What are some of your favorite online music communities and what makes them special? Share in the replies!

Posted by Kiel Hauck