Podcast: The Best Albums of 2021 (So Far)


The year is half over. How is it possible? Only scientists can explain. But we’ll use the opportunity to break down some of the best music that’s been released so far this year. Kiel Hauck kicks things off by sharing summertime Warped Tour memories and discussing the return of live music. With tours being announced left and right, we’re all making big decisions about when, where, and how we return to concert settings. Then Kiel shares some words about some of the albums that have been impacting the Long Live the Music crew so far in 2021, from Architects to Olivia Rodrigo to J. Cole and more. Listen in!

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Posted by Kiel Hauck

Kendrick Lamar Shares “Black Friday”


Raise your hand if you started your holiday shopping over the weekend? While you were out fighting with an angry mom over that last R2-D2 Star Wars plush, Kendrick Lamar was buy owning the internet with a new song titled “Black Friday”. Lamar and J. Cole traded beats for a little post-Thanksgiving fun and it’s safe to say that Kendrick ripped this beat a new one. Take a listen below:

What are your thoughts on the track? Share in the replies!

Posted by Kiel Hauck