Podcast: Interview with Pitchfork’s Rawiya Kameir

If you’re a fan of great music criticism, there’s a strong chance you’ve crossed paths with the work of Rawiya Kameir. She’s currently a contributing editor at Pitchfork and Assistant Teaching Professor at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. In October, she published a piece titled “Rethinking Appropriation and Wokeness and Pop Culture”, which examined how the language and aesthetics of social justice have become the social currency of the music industry (and pop culture at large), ultimately yielding the myth that representation solves everything.

Rawiya recently joined Kiel Hauck on the podcast to discuss the article and share some thoughts on how music journalists can take steps toward elevating a more diverse range of voices and have better conversations about the music they’re covering. She also shares her experience as a music critic during a rapidly evolving digital age, as well as the challenge facing music journalists and music fans when it comes to maintaining objectivity and responsibility when examining the work created by problematic artists. Take a listen!

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Posted by Kiel Hauck