The best reunions and revivals of 2014


This year may be one of the most memorable for long-sought reunions and revivals. There haven’t been many (previous years have seen more in comparison), but in less than five months, the few that have cropped up are of such impact that it’s impossible to deny how exciting it is.

While we may need to say goodbye again, the fact that there is a even a glimmer of hope is enough to at least fan the flames a little longer, if only for a proper send off. Below are six of the best reunions to come about thus far this year.

1. Midtown
midtownNews that Midtown were reuniting for Skate & Surf was both unexpected and alarmingly nostalgic. It’s been so long since the band has made any waves in the scene that their reunion was unexpected, especially given the overshadowed success of Gabe Saporta’s Cobra Starship endeavors.

For anyone who saw the golden age of Drive-Thru’s pop punk legacy though, Midtown was one of the major players. We learned their songs at the same time as New Found Glory’s classic records. Being one of the headliners for Skate & Surf is a beautiful nod to their influence of the genre, especially since pop punk bands aren’t normally in that position.

Whether they stay around to tinker around with new music or not remains to be seen, (it doesn’t look promsing at the moment, since Cobra Starship appear to be back in the studio) but I’ll settle for them getting some of the recognition that they never got the first time around.

2. Copeland

copelandCopeland’s reunion nearly caused a panic amongst their fans, as the news broke on April Fool’s Day. Like Fall Out Boy a year ago, the band marked their return with a new single and announcement of a new, surprise album.

The fact that the band plans to fund the record with pre-order packages from a vibrantly loyal fan base touches back to the indie roots the band sprouted from. As one of the most talented writers and performers of the scene, if they can capture even a hint of the magic and energy from their prime, Ixora is already a contender for album of the year.

3. Finch

FinchDespite the success of their groundbreaking 2002 release, What It Is To Burn, Finch have always felt like the underdogs. While the band has been touring quite a bit over the last few years, the WIITB anniversary tours and subsequent live CD/DVD release seem to have spurred them to fully commit once again.

Not only will they be on Warped Tour this year, they’ve signed with Tragic Hero Records and finally promised their first new album in nine years. Given how long fans have waited for this release, it’ll be interesting to see whether it’s a return to the more traditional pop punk aspect of their roots or a further exploration of hardcore.

4. Saosin

saosin_2014The history of Saosin in well known by anyone paying attention, as well as their struggle with lead singers. Unfortunately, it looks like Saosin may be calling it quits soon, but not before reuniting with original vocalist Anthony Green.It’s one of the most requested and sought after reunions in recent memory and is a hell of a note to go out on.

There haven’t been any details of whether they’ll only really be playing the songs that Green himself helped create, or if he’ll be participating throughout Saosin’s amazing discography. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll get one last live CD out of one of their four scheduled performances.

 5. Day At The Fair

day_at_the_fairIn the waning days of Drive-Thru Records, Day At The Fair released an absolutely stellar album about growing up in The Rocking Chair Years, putting every other band on the label in check. Unfortunately, it went largely overlooked instead of making the band a standard in the scene.

After nine years, they’ve reunited to release a final album to give the band a proper close. A new single, “The Brightening” retains their massive energy and catchy hooks and paves the way for the new record, The Epilogue. It may not be a new tour, but hopefully it will help the band gain some of the recognition they always deserved.

6. Lucky Boys Confusion

lucky-boys-confusion-featureLBC have never really broken up, instead playing one-off shows in the Midwest for the last few years. Having seen the overwhelming support the band has received for their live shows, they’ve decided to write together again for the first time in nearly a decade. The band’s last (and intended final) record, 2009’s Closing Arguments was a collection of b-sides and unreleased material.

It may not be a full national touring revival, but a new album means complete recognition of the support from a rabid fan base. While it may not garner the attention that the band deserves in the scene, it’s sure to set the entire Midwest ablaze.

by Kyle Schultz

kyle_catKyle Schultz is the Senior Editor at It’s All Dead and has worked as a gaming journalist at Structure Gaming. He lives in Chicago and yells at the rain on occasion. He also wants to play you in FIFA.


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