Most Anticipated of 2015: #7 All Time Low Returns to the Forefront


I always get ahead of myself with All Time Low. I’ve been a fan for almost a decade now (that feels weird to say) and can’t wait for their new album. Like most of their fans, I see All Time Low as an ambassador of classic pop punk, as they came on the scene just as the genre was fading in the mid-2000’s and Blink 182 neared their collapse. After the release of So Wrong, It’s Right and even into Nothing Personal, All Time Low utterly dominated pop punk, much to the praise and remorse of the genre’s fans.

I remember the excitement and the energy behind them during that time, and the amazement after the first time I saw them play live. It makes me count down the days to their next release, just as it is now, even though I should know better. Fans have been quite divided as to whether they’ve lived up to the hype since the release of So Wrong, It’s Right, but there is no denying the potential the band has at writing some of the best songs of their generation.

Their new release is slated for March, and there are more reasons to be excited for it than just memories and hype. Alex Gaskarth has been busy writing with ‘pop punk supernovas’ 5 Seconds of Summer, there are reports that Mark Hoppus has been writing with the band, and most recently, Absolutepunk reported Rian Dawson saying that the drumming will be for “lovers of the 2000’s pop-punk sound”. Don’t give a shit, that’s always good news.

To top it off, they’re headlining a tour with Issues, Tonight Alive and State Champs around the time of their album’s release. The year is looking busy for the boys from Baltimore.

Whether you’re a fan or despise them, there’s no denying the electricity when All Time Low come back with a new release. Whether it will whet the appetite of the pop punk faithful or aim for a middle ground is hard to predict, but the results will be damn good regardless.

kyle_catKyle Schultz is the Senior Editor at It’s All Dead and has worked as a gaming journalist at Structure Gaming. He lives in Chicago and was once almost fired from Panera Bread for blasting “Dear Maria, Count Me In” way too loud on the stereo in back of house to be reasonable during peak dining hours.


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