Has Tom Delonge Left blink-182?


UPDATE #2: According to multiple reports, Tom Delonge is still, in some shape or form, a member of blink-182. However, the capacity in which he can dedicate himself to the band seems to be what’s in question. Below is a statement from Delonge’s publicist:

Contrary to reports, Tom DeLonge has not left Blink 182. “I never quit the band,” he says. “Actually, I was on the phone discussing a possible Blink-182 event in New York City when I heard the ‘news.’ The ONLY truth here is that I have commitments that limit my availability this year. I love Blink-182 and I’m not leaving.”


UPDATE: Tom Delonge has posted a response to the recent news of his departure on his Facebook page. Read his statement below:

To all the fans, I never quit the band. I actually was on a phone call about a blink 182 event for New York City at the time all these weird press releases started coming in… Apparently those releases were ‘sanctioned’ from the band. Are we dysfunctional- yes. But, Christ….. ‪#‎Awkward‬ ‪#‎BabyBackRibs‬

In rather shocking news, a report from CBS Radio has come in that Tom Delonge has left blink-182. Matt Skiba of the Alkaline Trio will be filling in for the band as they play the 8th annual Musink Music and Tattoo Festival. Whether the band will continue with recording a new album remains to be seen. A statement from the band’s publicist can be seen below:

Matt Skiba of the Alkaline Trio will join Blink-182 in replacement of Tom DeLonge at the 8th annual Musink Music and Tattoo Festival. “We were all set to play this festival and record a new album and Tom kept putting it off without reason. A week before we were scheduled to go in to the studio we got an email from his manager explaining that he didn’t want to participate in any Blink-182 projects indefinitely, but would rather work on his other non-musical endeavors.” Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus plan to honor all Blink-182 commitments including the Musink Festival and are excited to have singer/guitarist Matt Skiba join them for this project. “No hard feelings, but the show must go on for our fans.” Additionally, Skiba will continue to make new music and tour with the Alkaline Trio.

What does the future hold for blink-182? Do you think we’ll ever get a new album? Share your thoughts in the replies.

Posted by Kiel Hauck


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