Most Anticipated of 2018: #5 Can Moose Blood Still Do This (Anymore)?

In my opinion, there are two perfect pop punk bands: The Wonder Years and Moose Blood. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from either, but Moose Blood is set to return with a new album called I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore. Set to release on March 9, we’ve received a single (and video) called “Talk In Your Sleep”. I’m not sure whether it’s possible to create another I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time to Time (their 2014 release), but so far they’ve managed to match the length of the title, so that’s promising.

“Talk In Your Sleep” isn’t overly different for the Moose Blood guys. If anything, it’s on the same level as I’ll Keep You In Mind. This isn’t a surprise, as they rarely break the mold, and personally, I think that’s what makes them work so well. They’ve found a groove and stuck with it and yet still have some semblance of growth on each album. They’ve found that perfect balance of keeping everyone guessing but never straying too far from the path of success.

The video for the song seems to be an artistic continuity of the Blush era of the band – light colors and minimalist subject matter. Blush was almost a concept album, lyrically, mostly dwelling on the lead singer’s (then) recent marriage. I’m excited to see how these developments have musically influenced the band or whether they’ll touch on them at all.

by Nadia Paiva

kiel_hauckNadia Paiva has been a music enthusiast since she can remember. Going to shows is her main pastime. The other is being upset when she can’t go to shows. This is her first official venture into writing about music. You can follow her on Twitter.


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