Most Anticipated of 2019: #9 Hozier Makes His Overdue Return

Hozier, everyone’s favorite woodland bard from Ireland, has returned. With the success of 2014’s Hozier, it seemed that we would be hearing a lot more from him, but he went musically MIA until the release of the Nina Cried Power EP this past year.

Four new tracks were released and they had a pretty different vibe from his first album, so I’m excited to see the way his style has evolved in these four years. He mentioned his next full length, Wasteland, Baby!, in a tweet, but failed to let us know when we’d be graced with it.

I’m psyched to hear anything from Hozier though, so whenever he decides to let it loose is fine with me.

by Nadia Paiva

kiel_hauckNadia Paiva has been a music enthusiast since she can remember. Going to shows is her main pastime. The other is being upset when she can’t go to shows. This is her first official venture into writing about music. You can follow her on Twitter.


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