Thursday Spotlight: Tilian


Though the name Tilian Pearson has become much more recognized since his addition to the Dance Gavin Dance lineup, Tilian is far from a newcomer to the scene. He previously held the position of lead vocalist for Tampa prog-rockers Tides of Man before leaving his post to pursue solo efforts.

Amidst his many vocal duties and guest spots since leaving Tides of Man, Tilian also found time to release his first solo effort in 2013 titled Material Me. The album is chock full of pop melodies combined with electronic beats, creating one of the most pleasant and danceable listening experiences of the year.

Distancing himself from the heavier post-hardcore that many of his other projects include, Material Me is a much lighter affair, providing even more room than usual for Tilian’s upper-register croon to shine. You’ll be singing along to the catchy choruses of songs like “Chemicals” and “Up in the Air” in no time – even if you can’t hit Tilian’s stratospheric notes.

Tilian recently announced some tour dates in Australia for his fans Down Under, which can be viewed below. You can purchase Material Me at iTunes.

Tour Dates:

5 February – Amplifier Bar, Academy

7 February – Black Market, Adelaide

8 February – Bang, Melbourne

9 February – Bar 12, Frankston Lic

12 February – The Basement, Canberra

13 February – Hot Damn, Sidney

14 February – Young Bloods, Wollongong

15 February – Thriller, Brisbane

Posted by Kiel Hauck


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