10 Underrated Anberlin Songs


Now that Anberlin’s farewell tour is in full swing, many fans are getting to experience their favorite songs from the band’s massive catalogue one final time before they say goodbye. The Florida rock act has been unveiling a setlist composed of anywhere from 20 to 22 songs each night, many of which are classic mainstays coupled with several fan favorites.

However, with such a large number of fantastic albums and memorable songs, it’s impossible for the band to hit everyone’s favorite. That being the case, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to list 10 of the most overlooked and under appreciated songs in the band’s catalogue that surely could have fit anywhere within their final setlist.

There are only a few rules: 1. None of the tracks on our list can be a part of the band’s final setlist. 2. Only tracks from the band’s first six albums can be included, since the band’s latest release, Lowborn, was off limits for the band’s farewell tour.

So go ahead – check out our list. Did we miss your favorite song? Let us know what you think in the replies!

1. “The Haunting”

It’s hard to believe that one band’s b-side could rival the best work of many other bands, but that’s the case in this instance. A leftover from the band’s Cities sessions, “The Haunting” is just that – haunting. A brutal tale of a lover left alone, “The Haunting” is classic Anberlin. The track begins slowly and softly before approaching a crescendo capped by swirling guitars and Christian’s wailing chorus. It’s not just one of the band’s most underrated tracks – it’s one of their best.


2. “Glass to the Arson”

“Readyfuels” gets most of the love from Anberlin’s debut album, Blueprints for the Black Market, but it’s truly this hidden gem that shines brightest. A rock track through and through, “Glass to the Arson” is a fiery song that follows the straightforward formula found throughout Blueprints, but shines with it’s rabid chorus of “Tonight my heart is cold / Lost in your lies, shallow replies / Tonight I’ll just let go / Lost in your eyes, transparent cries”. The song is full of passion and was a sign of things to come for the band.

3. “Hello Alone”

Cities may be Anberlin’s best album, and as such, is full of great tracks. “Hello Alone” may be the most overlooked though, featuring a soaring chorus and beautiful, poetic lyrics that burn right to the soul. A cry for an answer, any answer at all, goes without response until the song’s climactic end. The track fits well within the confine of Cities and adds a beautiful, hopeful chapter to the often painful story that threads its way through the album.

4. “Modern Age”

With Vital, Anberlin vowed to return to their rock roots with a heavy album full of rock and roll anthems. They did not disappoint. “Modern Age” captures this sentiment better that almost any song on the album with it’s crunchy guitars and powerful synthesizers that drive the song from it’s eerie opening. An uplifting track about choosing to rely on each other instead of forging our journey alone, “Modern Age” is a seminal and powerful Anberlin track.

5. “Alexithymia”

This often overlooked track follows “Hello Alone” on Cities and is arguable just as impressive with its deep bass line and plucking acoustic guitar. The fact that this gentle song explodes into a refrain of “There’s more to living than being alive” simply adds to its allure. Christian’s vocal range is astounding throughout, seemingly gliding from low notes to his upper register with ease.

6. “Type Three”

After haunting strings introduce the track, Christian cooly sings, “I have my reasons for the vices I embrace”, leading into one of the most captivating song’s on Vital. A simple synthesizer and keyboard driven track, “Type Three” is full of emotion and pain, bleeding from one moment to the next, offering a respite from the album’s crushing guitars. It’s all topped off with some of Christian’s best lyrics: “I look to heaven to save me and you call me naive / Rather be a hopeless lover than cursed with disbelief”.

7. “Dance, Dance Christa Päffgen”

The first of what would become an Anberlin tradition, this epic closer to Never Take Friendship Personal changes direction and pace multiple times over during a wild seven minute journey. A song that’s as dance-y as it is rocking, as patient as it is urgent, “Dance, Dance” served as a way to show that Anberlin was far more than just your average rock band. The track hinted at the band’s masterful songwriting skills that would become fully exposed on Cities.

8. “Naïve Orleans”

Another great closer, even if it only lasts for four minutes, “Naive Orleans” is one of the most overlooked songs on Blueprints. Christian’s syrupy opening lines of “Come and go now as you please / Your actions write the melodies / To the songs that we sing” before he hits stride with his legendary chorus of “And I finally found that life goes on without you / And the world still turns when you’re not around”. It may be one of the more gentle songs on the band’s debut, but it’s certainly not devoid of passion.

9. “The Runaways”

One of the funnest songs in the band’s collection, “The Runaways” is full of swirling guitars and groovy bass that makes you want to move. A lot. A killer chorus with driving guitars and drums is enough to cause a riot. A song about a runaway lover, the track is infectious and full of fire, even as it tells a somewhat sad tale of a failed relationship.

10. “Closer”

This may be the most epic and overlooked track from Dark is the Way, Light is a Place. The song builds towards it’s massive chorus, which isn’t even fully realized until its second time through. The band’s knack for crafting a captivating song that requires full patience from the listener is part of what makes them so alluring. Christian’s powerful vocal performance is the icing on top of the cake.

by Kiel Hauck

kiel_hauckKiel Hauck is the editor in chief at It’s All Dead. Over the past decade, he has been a contributor for multiple online and print publications and was most recently an editor at PopMatters. Kiel currently resides in Indianapolis, IN with his wife and their imaginary pet, Hand Dog. You can follow him on Twitter.


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