As It Is Releases New Song “Pretty Little Distance”


There’s still plenty of time before As It Is releases their sophomore album okay. on January 20, 2017. That hasn’t stopped the band from releasing two singles from the forthcoming record. The British pop punk act ups the ante once again with their latest song, “Pretty Little Distance”, which can be heard below:

For a band that raised more than a few eyebrows with their debut album Never Happy, Ever After just last year, As It Is sound like they’re ready to make the leap. On this latest track, the band seems to channel early Fall Out Boy with witty lyrics, spot on vocal melodies from Patty Walters, and even a nice little guitar solo for good measure.

There’s still three months until okay. releases on Fearless Records, but the expectations are certainly building. With another solid record, As It Is could very well be the new face of pop punk by next summer.

What are your thoughts on the two songs released thus far? Share in the replies!

Posted by Kiel Hauck


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