Podcast: The Best of Eisley

Over the past decade and a half, Tyler, Texas, band Eisley have made a habit of releasing delightful, poignant, purposeful indie pop. On this episode of It’s All Dead, Kiel Hauck and Nadia Paiva break down the band’s discography, ranking all five full-length albums, from Room Noises to I’m Only Dreaming. They also share their top 10 songs and discuss the band’s wild ride from their early major label breakthrough to their return to their indie roots. Listen in!

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What’s your favorite Eisley album? Share in the replies!

Posted by Kiel Hauck


  1. Long time Eisley fan here. I discovered them when Combinations was their most recent albums and just a little before The Valley came out. My favorite album of theirs has to be Room Noises, but The Valley is probably second behind it. I want to try to do a top 10 Eisley song list now, but it might be pretty tough. My original list had 17.

    10. Wonder English
    9. I Wish
    8. A Sight to Behold
    7. Marvelous Things
    6. Louder Than a Lion
    5. Invasion
    4. Lost at Sea
    3. Many Funerals
    2. Head Against the Sky
    1. I Wasn’t Prepared

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