Most Anticipated of 2021: Panic! At the Disco Claim the Dancefloor

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It’s been almost three years since Panic! At the Disco released the absolutely stellar Pray For The Wicked, but Brendon Urie isn’t one to sit idle for too long. Coming off the high of what is arguably Panic’s best record, it’s hard to imagine that anything can top Pray For The Wicked. 

Fortunately though, Brendon Urie is full of surprises. Having brought Panic! back from the brink of collapse, expanded the band’s sound in unimaginable ways and lifted the group to become one of the world’s biggest acts over the last decade, he isn’t one to take lightly. With each album carrying a distinct and unique persona and sound, it’s hard not to be excited for whatever comes next.

Panic! At the Disco is a band that universally delivers in a way that almost no other musical act can. Whatever Urie has planned for the band’s seventh album, it’s destined to once again push the band’s boundaries and force other pop acts to up their game just to keep up.

by Kyle Schultz

kyle_catKyle Schultz is the Senior Editor at It’s All Dead and has worked as a gaming journalist at Structure Gaming. He lives in Chicago and sneezed, then his cat sneezed, then he sneezed again. A sign of the end times or just exceptional timing between man and beast? The answer, is yes.


  1. Carlos says:

    Pray for the wicked is the second worst album from them, after Pretty. Odd.

    • micki ninaj says:

      pretty odd was a masterpiece, perfectly whimsical and light with the right amount of p!atd touch, pray for the wicked is the single worst album, pretty odd slander is not tolerated

    • Esiah Torres says:

      Pretty. Odd. was simply wonderful. I don’t even know if they even had one bad song. Their debut album is the best of course, but Pretty. Odd. is tied for second with Death of a Bachelor.

  2. I agree with Micki. Pretty. Odd. is right up there with the best of them. While there have been some good things after Ryan left (Vices and Virtues stands well with the first two albums), Pray for the Wicked killed a lot of interest I had in the band. I’ll still check out anything new just for Brendon’s voice, but Brendon on his own isn’t nearly as compelling as the band was, especially not party boy Brendon. (Did you ever think we’d get a Panic! song about being one of the drunks?

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